Paris Bar, Berlin

Michel Würthle is from Vienna but has lived most of his adult life in Berlin. He created the Paris Bar in Kantstrasse, Berlin during the 1970’s and it has become a focal point for contemporary German artists. Mr. Würthle has created sketches and paintings over many years.

Through a mutual friend in Vienna, Dennis Wilkinson and Michel Würthle struck up a friendship during the 1970’s. Mr. Würthle had a passion for interesting clothing and soon built up a collection of bespoke tailored garments from L.G. Wilkinson. In time, several of the artists, designers and architects, who were part of the Paris Bar scene, became customers of L.G. Wilkinson.

Michel Würthle has created a group of sketches which communicates his passion for sartorial splendour as well as his admiration for Dennis Wilkinson. The exhibition coincides with the forthcoming 90th anniversary of L.G. Wilkinson opening its shop in St. George Street and the 60th anniversary of the firm’s first sales visit to Germany.

The exhibition is taking place during the annual London Frieze Art Fair. This is taking place as usual in Regent’s Park which is a 10 minute walk from 11 St.George Street. Several exhibitors at both Frieze Art and Frieze Masters are customers at L.G. Wilkinson.